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Stattic Transport also offers a tilt tray transport service. With a load capacity of up
to 12 tonnes, we can move all your smaller loads and equipment with the
flexibility of a tilt tray truck.

Get us to move your containers, portable buildings, building supplies, excavator
buckets, generators, sweepers, graders and more. There really is no limit to what
we can help you move. Just look at some examples of what we’ve transported.

For ten years and counting, we’ve built up a reputation for our reliability and personalised service that’s just so hard to find these days.

Our team of experienced drivers will relocate and transport your equipment with expert care. We show up on time, every time. Call us 24/7 for all your urgent moves.

How does a tilt tray work?

Perfect for carrying heavy equipment, a tilt tray truck has a tilt tray mounted onto
a truck. Using a powerful hydraulic system, the tray can tilt at an angle and slide which makes it easier to load and unload.

A winch at the front pulls the load onto the tilt tray before the hydraulic system
engages at the back of the truck to position the tray back onto the truck

Why use a tilt tray service?

Some loads and equipment may be tricky to lift and lower onto a flatbed truck without using a large crane or a boom.

The tray of a tilt tray truck can be tilted at an angle and also lowered to the ground making it much easier to safely load and
transport bulky items.

What can a tilt tray truck transport?

There really is no limit to what we can move at Stattic Transport. Our tilt tray services offer you the flexibility to transport anything from: Portable buildings, shipping containers, building supplies. excavator buckets, portable toilets, dingos, bobcats, generators, graders, sweepers, forklift units, farm machinery, tractors, backhoes, site sheds, mini dozers, mini excavators, and other equipment.

Temporary Storage

As an additional service, we can also store your equipment temporarily at our secure site. This is only an additional service for our Heavy Haulage and Tilt Tray Service customers.

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