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Stattic Transport moves all your oversized equipment with expert care and  handling. For ten years and counting, we’ve

built up a reputation for our reliability and personalised service that’s just so hard to find these days. 

On time, every time

Stattic Transport have the experience in moving heavy haulage across many
industries, but as specialists in oversized transport, we’re not limited to moving anything too tall, wide, heavy, or fragile.

Book in your urgent moves, as well as projects that require more time and planning. We’ve undertaken moves needing months of careful planning, route surveying and permit applications to ensure all your requirements are met as smoothly as possible.

Call us with your specific heavy haulage requirements, we’re available 24/7.


We’re available 24/7 to help you move your excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, graders, loaders, water carts, compressors, rollers, screens and more.

We can also transport your underground earthmoving equipment, including permits, vehicle escorts and assessment of physical hazards. 

Mining & Quarry

Stattic Transport are experienced in moving surface and underground plant, crushers, screens, wheels/tyres and equipment components like bodies, buckets and chassis.

We have top quality trucks and trailers to move your mining equipment, and our team of expert drivers will look after all your specific needs

Cranes & Crawler Cranes

We provide specialised haulage to move your piling rigs, hydraulic power packs and hammers, excavators, cranes (mobile, pin jib, sections), loaders, sheet piles and more.

Our expert team have the knowledge and experience to carefully navigate around physical hazards like low bridges, power lines, trees and road limits to safely transport your equipment.

Agriculture & Forestry 

Stattic Transport offers a strong capability in moving agricultural equipment. With a solid understanding of state based regulations, we specialise in hauling agricultural equipment including headers/combines, tractors, augers, bailers, ploughs, skidders, harvesters, loaders and silos.

We’re pleased to support the forestry, farming and agriculture industries’ transportation needs.

Power Generation

If you need to move motors (complete, in part or vertical), rotors, turbines, generators or cooling units, let Stattic Transport make your move as seamless as possible.

We’re the experts in transporting electrical components and power generation machinery. Call us for our competitive rates and reliable service. Our experienced team of drivers are available to help you move 24/7.

Wharf Transport

Our range of wharf transport services includes out of gauge, oversize containers ship equipment, ship project maintenance equipment, brake bulk, rolling freight, trucks, tractors, trailers, grabs/spreader bars and more.

For cartage and container transport to and from Australia’s ports, call Stattic Transport for 24/7 service.

Fuel, Oil, Gas, Engineering

Get our experienced and reliable team to move all of your fuel, oil, gas and engineering equipment.

Stattic Transport are equipped to handle heavy, oversized and fragile equipment including boilers, weigh bridges, fuel cells, walkways, pipes, conveyors, compressors, generators, site buildings and anything else you require for your project. 

Forklift & Reach Stackers

If you need to relocate your forklift or reach stacker, Stattic Transport are the team for you. We have loads of experience in moving forklifts and reach stackers safely, efficiently and economically. 

Get your equipment moved in a tight timeframe or a tricky situation - we love a challenge and will do everything we can to make sure the job gets done right.

Specialised Transport

There’s nothing too wide, heavy, long, tall or large for us to move. Stattic Transport specialises in extreme oversized transport, moves and projects.

We take on urgent jobs 24/7, and also projects with months of careful planning, route surveying and permit applications to make sure that all your needs are met as smoothly as possible.

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For all transport needs, give us a call.  We're available 24/7. 

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