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Heavy Haulage

Stattic Transport helps you move the unmovable. For ten years we’ve helped you transport heavy equipment across Melbourne, Victoria, and even across Australia.

Moving extreme, oversized, heavy haulage is our specialty. We have a reputation for being on time, providing reliable transport with expert care and competitive rates.

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Our Services

We're specialists in transporting Heavy Haulage in Melbourne, Victoria and interstate. 
If you need Tilt Tray Services or temporary storage, we can also help...

Heavy Haulage

Moving your expensive equipment can be difficult, and it's urgent, almost near impossible. With Stattic Transport, we're committed to helping you get your equipment there when you need it most. 

Get the expertise and reliability you need to move your equipment efficiently, and keep your business running. For 24/7 and very competitive rates, call us or request a quote...

Tilt Tray Service

For moving all your smaller equipment, you can book our convenient Tilt Tray Service. With a load capacity of up to 12 tonnes, you can book this service to transport containers, portables, building supplies excavator buckets, generators, smaller excavators and other equipment. 

Tilt Tray Service gives you the flexibility and convenience you need to transport the rest of your equipment around the clock and cost effectively. For expert care and competitive rates, call us or request a quote. 

Moving Everything Else, &

Whatever you need to move, we can transport it for you. There really is nothing too fragile, wide, heavy, long, tall or large for us to move. We specialise in extreme oversized transport and projects, and we offer round the clock service. This means you can book urgent 24/7 moves.

Some special projects require months of careful planning, route surveying and permit applications. Work with us to make sure that all your specialist transport needs are met as smoothly as possible.

The Stattic Transport Way

Experience the Stattic Transport difference...

Expert Care

We have the equipment and experience to handle large, heavy or fragile equipment safely, efficiently and economically. We treat your equipment like we treat ours.

Great to deal with

From your first phone call, you'll know that you'll be taken care of. harry and our team listen carefully to your needs to make sure they're met, no matter what. 

On Time, Every Time

We know that time is money. When equipment is waiting to get moved we know it's not working and when it's not working - you're not earning. we're punctual, period.

Our word is our promise

We pride ourselves on our ability to 'get things done' with 24/7 service and availability.

personalised service

As am Australian family-owned business, we know how important it is to exceed your expectations.

competitive pricing

We stand for expert care, great service and reliability. We don't charge the earth and keep our prices competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what we get asked, often... Hopefully it helps you answer some questions...

I have machinery I need to move now. Can you do urgent moves?

Yes we do urgent moves, and offer a 24/7 service. Call us now on 0400 008 404 and we'll do everything we can to help you get your equipment moved ASAP.

I need to organise Heavy Haulage to go to Queensland, can you transport interstate?

Yes, we transport heavy haulage interstate throughout Australia. Call us now on 0400 008 404 and we’ll do everything we can to help you get your equipment moved.

Do you transport building supplies and small excavators?

For all your smaller equipment transport needs, we offer a 24/7 Tilt Tray Service. Call us now on 0400 008 404 and we’ll do everything we can to help you get your equipment moved.

I need my equipment picked up today, but delivered to a site tomorrow. Do you offer temporary storage?

We can pick up your equipment today and transport it tomorrow. We’re pleased to offer all our heavy haulage customers a temporary storage service, to give you added flexibility and convenience.

My machinery is very expensive, what if it gets damaged in transit?

We take every precaution and care while transporting your machinery. Stattic Transport has the experience, equipment and expertise required to move extreme oversized heavy haulage and fragile equipment. However, in the unfortunate event that something does go wrong, we have cover for up to $1m liability.

What do you charge for an urgent move?

We offer 24/7 service, and don’t charge you anything extra for urgent moves. Give us a call now for a quick quote, on 0400 008 404. 

My machinery is worth a lot of money. Can you track where it is while in transit, so I know it’s making its way to the right place?

Absolutely. All our trucks have GPS tracking equipment installed so we can safely track and locate our trucks and your assets in real-time. 

It’s my first time working with you for heavy haulage transport. Is there anything I need to know or prepare?

Yes, there are a few things you’ll need to prepare. 

You’ll need to make sure we can access the site where the machinery or equipment is located at the arranged pick up time. The machinery or equipment booked for transport will need to be ready and available for loading. It will also need to be clean for transport. Thanks for booking with us, we look forward to working with you!

Our People

We’re an Aussie-owned, family-run business founded in January 2012, by Harry Christou. Since then, we’ve been growing and have helped thousands of businesses move their equipment, to keep your operations running smoothly.

We stand out with good old fashioned service, with every booking managed by our Director, Harry and carried out by our longstanding team.

Don't just take our word for it...

We've been doing this for over 10 years. If there's anyone who knows how to move almost anything safely, gracefully, and quickly... It's us! Here's a small snapshot of what we've moved before...

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