Why we love Kenworth and Western Star trucks


Stattic Transport mainly uses two types of trucks – Western Star and Kenworth. Read on below to find out a little bit about why we’re passionate and loyal to these brands of trucks. 

About Western Star trucks

Western Star has an American heritage, and we’ve found these hand-built (in Australia) heavy duty trucks to be extremely reliable – just like Stattic Transport.

Western Star‘s claim to fame is that their trucks were ‘raised in the pit mines and logging camps of the world. Now that’s a real education.’ 

Spend a little time behind the wheel of a Western Star and one thing becomes crystal clear: this truck means business. After all, that’s what they’re bred for.

Western Star started engineering heavy-duty trucks in 1967. Trucks that proved tough enough to take on mountainous logging operations, deep mines and sweltering oil fields. Vocations where cut corners and compromise can mean the difference between a good day and an early funeral. When they started building highway trucks, they built them the same as those work trucks: by hand, one at a time, to ensure every truck is purpose built and built to last.

Western Stars are engineered to save time and money. Their handmade construction and stringent quality control are in place to keep firing on all cylinders for years to come. 

About Kenworth trucks in Australia

And the mighty Kenworth, a very well established brand, is also a truck with an American heritage that is now built in Australia. 

Used for mining, logging, livestock, general freight and every other heavy-duty application under the sun, Kenworth trucks regularly operate in the hottest and harshest environments, travel the most unforgiving roads and haul the largest of payloads — yet still remain one of the most durable heavy-duty trucks ever built. Of the 60,000+ Kenworths produced in Australia since 1971, more than 70% remain registered and in active service. 

Application engineering is the key to this longevity. Kenworths work harder for longer, because each truck is purpose designed for its intended task, then manufactured to those exacting specifications with uncompromising quality, at their world-class production facility in the Melbourne suburb of Bayswater.


Want to find out more about why we use these trucks, or even get a quick quote over the phone for your transport or heavy haulage needs? Just call Harry on 0400 008 404. 

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