Oh honey, that was a lot of bees to transport


Forget Harry Chapin’s 30,000 pounds of bananas – the buzz from the US is that recently a semi-truck carrying 40,000 pounds of honey bees, was traveling from California to North Dakota when it crashed on a rural intersection near Bozeman, Montana. No humans were injured in the crash.

A unique heavy haulage load

The local fire chief noted that his crew had never been involved in a call like this, but his team’s first priorities were to ensure the safety of the driver and passenger and to address a diesel leak from the truck. Luckily, the driver and passenger were already out of the truck when the crew arrived.

Much of the truck’s load reportedly remained intact. And while there were lots of bees when he arrived on the scene, only an estimated 25% of the 40,000 pounds of bees had actually been set loose. 

A local apiarist told CNN affliate KBZK, 40,000 pounds of bees is equal to around 133 million bees.

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